Adidas K.O.T.R 22.7k Shah Alam 2009

When I went to pick up my race packet at Shah Alam stadium on friday, I knew the race will be a tough one. It was hilly! I will need to use extra energy to run up those hills. Throughout the last few weeks, I hardly do any hill running except last sunday at FRIM where I only lasted for 55mins. Most of my runs are basically easy runs at Tasik Perdana park between 40-1 hour 4 times a week. Having only easy runs without other kinds of training, I still wonder if I can complete the race below 2 hours.  

On sunday, I left for Shah Alam extra early as I need to give time to find my way to the stadium and to familiar myself with the place. Reaching at the stadium, the kenyan runners were already performing their warm ups. I knew no one as this is just my third event in Malaysia. But I recognize some familiar faces who regularly does their runs in Tasik Perdana park. 

The starting line was pack with 22.7k runners. It was crowded. Perhaps running is popular here. I station myself in the middle of the crowds. When the gun shot at 6:30am, runners were moving slowly out of the stadium area. It took me few minutes to get out of the crowds before able to position myself in a comfortable place. I stay close to the side walk most of the time and maintain averange of 6mins.

 We started running downhill for the first half of the race, but the second half was basically running up and there’s where physically and mentally Im tested! oooh boy! my mind was tired but I keep pressing as the finishing line was just a km away. Reaching upon the finishing line, I was awarded the finishing medal and certificate. I look at my watch and it was 1 hr 57mins. I was satisfied with the time as the terrain of the event are mostly hilly and challenging.  I have no complains with the overall event except for the long line at the water station in the stadium.

Photo 0015

running my first Adidas K.O.T.R. 22.7km. I thought it was 21k.

Photo 0023Shah Alam stadium filled with orange.



Im still running- Seremban Half Marathon

some wonder if Im still active running. Yes! I am. “once a runner, always a runner” The only thing is that, I have to find time to update my blog. Last sunday, I travelled to Seremban, the capital city of Negri Sembilan, 70-80km drive from K.Lumpur for my first long distance run after the Standard Charted. I intended to use this event as my long distance and a warm up run in preparation for Shah Alam Adidas King of the road on August 2. Running in a small city like Seremban flashes me back to Tagaytay. Its a bit rural, less traffic, less buildings basically like a small province city outskirt of K.Lumpur. The environment is green and better air compare to K.Lumpur where it is covered with haze and pollution.

It was a solo run as usual. But able to chit chat with some other runners. Many asked my race as Im not a chinese neither am I a Malay. My answer is, Im an Iban tribe from the Land of Hornbill- Sarawak. And Im residing in K.Lumpur. The moment I mention that Im an Iban tribe, they think of the famous long house, the Iban headhunters and great worriors of the 50’s and 60’s. Well, its always great to run among the major races  (Chinese, Malays, Indians) in Malaysia. 

Well, I have no specific target for this event. I came for a long run, whatever the finishing time! I’ll be happy, what more if I came finish the event below 2 hours- and I did. 1 hr. 52mins. Not a suprise finishing time for me. This event is not my race, Im looking forward to Adidas King of the road- 22k next month. And I hope to make a new PR for myself.

Photo 0004

Im still running! – the smile on my face as I reach towards the finishing line. This is a local race, and I don’t expect it to be professionally organize. It was a simple event.

Photo 0007

Post at the finishing line. simple but well organize.

Staying inspired and motivated- KL Standard Charted Marathon

The past few sundays it has been hot and humid. And those sundays, I have dedicate myself to train at FRIM under such hot and humid condition. Spending 3 to 4 hours under the heat running, jogging and hiking. When it was time to run the KL Standard Charted, it drizzle! I was full of joy and I knew that it will be a good run. Even if it were to be hot and humid, I don’t really care as my body is immune to the humidity of KL. As a runner, the weather should never be an excuse for a bad run. In fact runners must always be ready to run in whatever weather condition.

At the start to the 3rd Km mark, the roads were pack with runners. It was jammed! I made the mistake to position myself in the middle of crowd. I couldn’t speed up as I was force to follow the pace of those runners infront of me. I estimate about 2000 runners participating in the full marathon event itself. It was such a big crowd and it was my first time to see such a big group of runners coming all over the world to participate in the first Standard Charted KL Marathon.

From the start till the 36km, I was comfortable running my slowest pace of 6:50min per km. But there are times when I speed up a little. I didn’t dare to speed as I was afraid to develop injuries at the later stage of the event. It was after the 36k-40k where I speed up and hoping to complete the event below 4 hours. But because I was taking my time too much in the first 30k, to speed up doesn’t really make any different.

The last 2 km towards the finishing line, that was my marathon! I can say that was the most tiring and challenging part. Perhaps is pyschology! The mind is tired and thus effect the body. I completed the event 4 hours 19mins. Not bad compare to my last Full Marathon event in Borneo 4 hours 55mins. But still can’t beat 4 hours 12mins last August 3. 2008 at the Milo Elimination.

1 Lesson of improvement – Run longer on sundays! Running 3 hrs 30- 40mins or even up to 4 hours on sunday does make an impact to your performance. Try it out!


Few days before June 28. I did some staircase run at the Tasik Permaisuri park.



When I arrived at the starting line, the ground was dry. But minutes after that, it drizzle. And I was thanking God for the rain. I was alone at this event. It was a solo start and a solo ending. Guess I have to create a new ibanrunner team here in KL as most of my members are back in the Philippines.



There was a kind lady volunteer to help take my picture. Normally, my friends would wait at the finishing line to take my pictures, but as what I said earlier, solo from the start, solo at the end! The entrance to the finishing line was pack with supporters and family members. There was one time where the whole crowd was cheering as they watch a middle age husband and wife holding hands towards the finishing line. It was an inspiring moment. They completed the full Marathon event!


My red Mizuno shoe has serve me long enough. I intend to use it for the last time. This is the pride of a runner. Every runner would feel proud of earning a medal after working so hard to achieve it.



I’ll be back for more action… Goodbye! to go and have my dinner now.,…

1 sunday before KL Standard Charted

For the last four sundays in a roll, I have been travelling to FRIM which is about 21km from my resident to have my long runs. The facilities in FRIM makes it the best place to do long runs especially preparing for a marathon. Combination of road, steep hills and trails gives me to experience to run on different surface. As early as 6:30am, many joggers, runners and bikers will come here to do their weekend training. The Pacesetters ( Popular running group in Malaysia) who lives around this area will take the advatage of FRIM to have their long runs inside.

Today I was able to carry along my handy camera as this would be my last run before KL Standard Charted this coming weekend.


from entrance to end and back to the entrace is about 5k for the simen road. But if I were to take the trail, 1 round is about 10k. 3 big rounds can cover a distance of 30k.


One end to the other end about 4km. bikers and joggers enjoys this trail.


running at the soccer field. its a grass track actually, but you can’t see the lines.

I have 4 more running days to go. Im planning to try the nearest oval. Get the test to run on an oval again after many years.


I have not been consistently upgrade myself with wordpress. Been busy throughout the entire week trying to settle down at work and also cleaning up the condo where my parent use to stay. Nevertherless, I never skip my running time. consistantly running 3-4 times a week to maintain fitness. The last past sundays I have been trying to breakthrough 3 hours of running and out of those 3 weeks, I was able to run beyond 3 hours last sunday. The feeling was good but I wasn’t satisfied as I was struggling and forcing myself to breakthough the 3 hours.

This morning?… I tried to make another breakthrough but Failed, as approaching 2 hours, I was exhausted. I didn’t want to just stop and go home, so I decided to go for a 5k hike a steep hill. The only place where I could do a combination of road, hill and trail runs is at FRIM ( Forest Reserved Institute of Malaysia) which covers aproximately 10k for a big loop (road and trail) and 5k (road alone) for the smaller loop. One of these sundays I’ll take some photos of FRIM. as I do not have a handy camera yet.

I have 2 weeks and 1 more sunday (for my long run) to go before the Standard Charted. I can’t tell how will it go, but Im glad that my body is well adjusted to the humidity in Kuala Lumpur. The routes of the event are familiar as one section of it passess through my condo.

For the remaining weeks. I plan to do my speed run at a stadium near my work place. Will test my speed for 800meters. I haven’t done 800meters for many years. In College, I won the 800meter onces and twice for 400meter. I’ll try if I still can keep a fast pace as during my college days. This will be a test speed run for me.

Keep Trying

I started my Standard Charted journey as soon as I reached KL. I had my first 15k run on Sunday (May 24) but it was a tiring one. The humidity and low oxigen cause me to back out after 1 hr 30mins of running. I just can’t  stand the heat ( I was already sweating  even before stepping out of the house). I guess my mind is tired which does has some impact to my body. Nevertheless, my determination to keep trying is very strong. I still have 3 sundays for my long runs before the KL Standard Charted Marathon. Proper planning and smart training is needed at this moment if I want to improve. The result will be determine on June 28!

Farewell Philippines, welcome Malaysia

I arrived safely in Kuala Lumpur on the evening of friday (22.May.09), bringing with me good memories which will be cherish for the rest of my life. As the plane fly above metro manila, I could see all the routes of the road races often took place- the fort, Luneta, UP Diliman, MOA, and some part of Cavite. I even could see the hotels which I used to stay the night before an event. These places are now history . What remains are memories.

DSC07659They came and throw out a farewell supper for me. Friends who had some impact in my lives.   

Thanks to those who have helped me for the last two years in the Philippines.  I can’t express my gratitude neither can I pay back the goodness of those who had helped me succeed in my studies as well as in running.  Hope to come back soon!