Adidas K.O.T.R 22.7k Shah Alam 2009

When I went to pick up my race packet at Shah Alam stadium on friday, I knew the race will be a tough one. It was hilly! I will need to use extra energy to run up those hills. Throughout the last few weeks, I hardly do any hill running except last sunday at FRIM where I only lasted for 55mins. Most of my runs are basically easy runs at Tasik Perdana park between 40-1 hour 4 times a week. Having only easy runs without other kinds of training, I still wonder if I can complete the race below 2 hours.  

On sunday, I left for Shah Alam extra early as I need to give time to find my way to the stadium and to familiar myself with the place. Reaching at the stadium, the kenyan runners were already performing their warm ups. I knew no one as this is just my third event in Malaysia. But I recognize some familiar faces who regularly does their runs in Tasik Perdana park. 

The starting line was pack with 22.7k runners. It was crowded. Perhaps running is popular here. I station myself in the middle of the crowds. When the gun shot at 6:30am, runners were moving slowly out of the stadium area. It took me few minutes to get out of the crowds before able to position myself in a comfortable place. I stay close to the side walk most of the time and maintain averange of 6mins.

 We started running downhill for the first half of the race, but the second half was basically running up and there’s where physically and mentally Im tested! oooh boy! my mind was tired but I keep pressing as the finishing line was just a km away. Reaching upon the finishing line, I was awarded the finishing medal and certificate. I look at my watch and it was 1 hr 57mins. I was satisfied with the time as the terrain of the event are mostly hilly and challenging.  I have no complains with the overall event except for the long line at the water station in the stadium.

Photo 0015

running my first Adidas K.O.T.R. 22.7km. I thought it was 21k.

Photo 0023Shah Alam stadium filled with orange.



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  1. My friend, hope all is well with you. Haven’t been by your blog in awhile. Please take care and have a safe holiday and a healthy 2010! – Wayne

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